A Little about Wedding Cards

Wedding Card is not just a peice of Paper with information its the first impression of your whole wedding to follow and it also signifies your personality. From my experience from 15 years and my dads 48 years we have seen quite a few people really just coming to see a wedding card as just a formality but when they see the variety of designs, papers their whole outlook changes, they get so much involved to get the best of the designs made. Wedding cards are not what they use to be 20 years back, there is so much more creativity come into the whole process and the inputs from cleints also has made designing a card a real thrill. We have people just emailing concepts & we designing the whole card for them. The beauty of a wedding card process is that its totally handprocessed from making of paper to printing & sticking the whole process is manually done at our own workshop & the designs made by our own artist. There is no limit to designing we use wood, mirrors, stiching, broom sticks anything & everything its just our teams or clients imagination and we start working on it to make something unique & something which will make the dream wedding card possible.

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